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Adults staying active

2020 04 30 LSP 500

How much physical activity should I do?

For adults (18 to 64 years) you should be physically active on most, preferably all, days every week.

You should aim for:

  • At least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate physical activity OR 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week
  • Physical activity that strengthens muscles and bones on 2 days per week.

What is moderate physical activity?

Moderate physical activity includes things like:

  • a brisk walk
  • household tasks such as raking leaves or cleaning windows
  • dancing along with the kids

What is vigorous physical activity?

Vigorous physical activity includes things like:

  • running
  • fast cycling
  • household tasks such as digging in the garden
  • one-on-one basketball match with the kids in the driveway.

What activities strengthen muscles and bones?

Physical activity that strengthens muscles and bones includes things like:

  • bodyweight movements such as push-ups and squats
  • household tasks that involve lifting and carrying objects
  • skipping
  • yoga.

Staying active videos

Wellbeing SA, supported by Wellbeing@Work, have developed some videos that focus on:

  • Yoga for teenagers and adults

What about screen time and sitting?

During this time people may be spending more time sitting or in front of screens than they usually would.

Some things to remember

  • For children and adults try to break up long periods of sitting throughout the day — try setting a reminder for the last 5 minutes of every hour and move around the house.
  • Parents and carers, it is important to be good role models when it comes to screen time — try introducing ‘screen-free times’ throughout the day and have a place where everyone leaves their devices.