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Food relief

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For a range of reasons, there are times when our income may not stretch far enough to afford enough healthy food to meet our own or our family’s needs. The following information may provide a starting point in seeking support that may be available for your specific situation.

Not in quarantine but still need support

The Department of Human Services Emergency Financial Assistance Program is a free confidential service for people experiencing financial difficulties across South Australia. Eligible clients can receive food parcels, supermarket vouchers, referral to Foodbank SA or assistance with other cost of living concerns. Visit the Department for Human Services website for contact details and to get support.

Affordable Living SA

Affordable SA is a helpful free and confidential source of information, resources, support and services to help manage affordability issues, including food relief. This service can be accessed through the Affordable Living SA website, the app or by calling the helpline 1800 025 539.

Need help while quarantining or self-isolating

If you are required to be in quarantine or in isolation because you have COVID-19 and you need personal hardship assistance, food relief or short-term accommodation advice, you can call the South Australian COVID-19 Relief Call Centre on 1800 705 336. The COVID-19 Relief Centre operates between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm every day.

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