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Eating more fruit

Hands on fruit

Eating two serves of fruit each day is one of the most important dietary changes you can make to be healthier.

While the supermarket shelves may look a little bare, there is no shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables. Remember to always wash fresh fruit and vegetables under fresh water before eating.

Healthy tips to enjoy more fruit on your menu every day

  • Slice and freeze fruit ahead of time. Frozen banana slices, orange slices and grapes make healthy, fun and delicious snacks.
  • Buying fruits that are in season is cheaper and they’re generally fresher and tastier.
  • Look for fruits that are cheaper per kilogram or unit.
  • Frozen fruit counts – it is just as nutritious as fresh fruit. Try putting some frozen berries on top of your morning cereal.
  • Canned fruits are also good options to have on hand. Healthier choices are canned fruit in natural juice.
  • Make fruit more fun for kids. Peel it and slice it, and they are more likely to eat it. If you have time, get them involved by making fruit kebabs, or cut into interesting shapes.

Great ideas for including more fruit into your day


  • Add banana, kiwi fruit, fresh berries, or any other fresh fruit to your breakfast cereal or yoghurt.
  • Top toast with sliced bananas.
  • Add fresh or frozen fruit to pancakes or pikelets.
  • Blend soft fruit like bananas, strawberries or tinned or frozen fruit with skim milk, yoghurt, and ice for a delicious low-fat fruit smoothie.


  • Pack fresh fruit for a quick, tasty and healthy snack at any time.
  • Freeze bananas, grapes, strawberries and oranges for a frozen snack.
  • Add fresh or dried fruit to muffin and cake mixtures.

Main meals

  • Add fruit to savoury salads.
  • Try apricot chicken, or add fruit such as chopped apple, sultanas, banana to curries.
  • Add small amounts of chopped dried fruit like apricots or apples to couscous.


  • Chop fruit into bite-sized pieces and thread onto skewers for a colourful kebab.
  • Cut fresh fruit into pieces and add to a parfait glass with yoghurt.
  • Serve fresh seasonal fruit or fruit salad.

What is a Serve?

One serve of fruit is 150 grams:

  • 1 medium apple, banana, orange or pear
  • 2 small apricots, kiwi fruits or plums
  • 1 cup diced or canned fruit (with no added sugar).

Or occasionally as a substitute for other foods in the group:

  • ½ cup (125mL) 100% fruit juice (no added sugar)
  • 30g dried fruit (for example 4 dried apricot halves or 1½ tablespoons of sultanas).

How much fruit do you need every day?

Adults should eat two serves of fruit every day. The amount of fruit a child needs depends on their age. Children between two and three years should have one serve a day. Children between four and eight years should have one and a half serves a day. Children aged nine and above should have two serves a day.

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