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Eating well

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Eating well and having enough healthy food is a priority for many people at the moment. While it is always important to eat well, it is especially important during this time of uncertainty. Food can help provide a sense of normality, control and routine. Although our budgets may be tight, eating well can be achieved on a limited budget.

Why is it important to eat well?

Eating well during this time is especially important as it helps to:

  • provide essential nutrients and energy to get through our day
  • keep our immune system strong for fighting infections
  • help us sleep better
  • improve concentration
  • reduce stress and maintain mental health and wellbeing
  • improve our blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reduces our risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers and osteoporosis
  • keep our teeth and gums healthy.

Eating well videos

Wellbeing SA, CSIRO and the Dietitian’s Association of Australia have partnered to inspire you to cook quick, healthy and cheap meals. You can find these videos below or download the recipe information (PDF 254KB) including the ingredients lists, methods and nutritional information for each recipe.

What does eating well look like?

The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating is a simple guide to help us eat enough of the delicious healthy foods we need; it can also help save money on our food budget too. The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating recommends enjoying a variety of foods from the five food groups every day and eating discretionary (sometimes) foods only sometimes and in small amounts.

There is no need to panic buy or stockpile food. Supermarkets are essential services, and the food supply to supermarkets is ‘business as usual’; any product shortages are a result of panic buying. While food shopping is essential, we should go with a well-planned list to limit our number of weekly shopping trips as much as possible. Whether you are living on your own, or with friends, or a partner and/or children, this is a great time to try preparing a meal plan for the week. This will not only save money and cut down on food wastage, it will also mean you will not need to ‘pop to the shops’ as often.

Kids in the Kitchen

Getting kids involved in the kitchen is a great way to teach them new skills. Research shows that when children are involved with food, they are more interested in food and eat well. Wellbeing SA and CSIRO have partnered to inspire you and your children to cook quick, cheap and nutrient packed meals. Check out the recipe cards, or visit our YouTube page for step-by-step videos.

Kids in the Kitchen videos:

Need help while quarantining or self-isolating?

If you are in mandatory quarantine or in self-imposed lockdown because you have COVID-19, have returned from interstate or overseas, or have come into contact with someone who is infected and you need personal hardship assistance, food relief or short-term accommodation advice, you can call the South Australian COVID-19 Relief Call Centre on 1800 705 336. The COVID-19 Relief Centre operates between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm every day.