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Self-isolation silver linings

Casson 0317

The current COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed the way people live. It has caused confusion, anxiety and uncertainty – but there are silver linings.

South Australians have generously joined the successful fight against COVID-19. Amid the many challenges our community has faced, we have pulled together and achieved success. Our willingness to self-isolate has protected our community and reduced the spread of COVID-19.

We're now connecting, rebuilding, and moving forward together, based on what we've experienced, how the world has changed, and what we all need.


Self-isolation has been tough but remarkable things are happening, with stories of the silver linings of our experience of COVID-19 emerging from across the state.

We are conscious of people who need extra help and support, particularly older people who are isolated, and we are reaching out to each other in new and innovative ways.

We now universally recognise our healthcare, supermarket and essential workers for the heroes they have always been.

We know our neighbours’ names. We’re building deeper personal and community connections and we’re kinder and more compassionate. We’re looking out for each other. And we’re walking more and spending time with our kids.


From disruption grows innovation, possibility and change. You now have unlimited opportunities to learn from this experience and make a change for the better.


Seeing the beautiful and kind ways so many people are rising to the challenge of each day. People are becoming more generous with our loved ones, neighbours, communities and strangers.


Realising you can actually be better people in a better world. A kinder world awaits us.


We have the gift of more time at home to slow down and truly rest for a bit. The world seems quieter and simpler. We have extra hours with our kids, pets or ourselves. There’s no commute, dinner no longer seems rushed, and we have time to garden, read, and get the house in order.

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