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Skill development

2020 04 30 LSP 606

Skill and knowledge development

The changes brought about by COVID-19 have impacted on our lives, work and careers in many different ways. This has created both challenges and opportunities at the same time. For you, these changes could require looking at complete career change and reskilling, or they may have highlighted gaps in your current skills where you can upskill. Or it could be an opportunity to reflect on where you are and do something different, for you. After all, lifelong learning can improve your mental wellbeing by boosting self-confidence and raising self-esteem.

Access to online training to increase your skill development and knowledge has never been more available, and a range of online information and courses are available from a variety of agencies across South Australia. Most agencies have career counsellors, student counsellors or course coordinators who are available to chat to you about the course, and the process for enrolling, so give the agency a call.

Volunteering is also a great way to gain knowledge and skills. Volunteering provides the opportunity for you to gain work experience, develop new skills or keep existing ones up to date, as well as to keep active and connect.

Business SA

Business SA has a variety of short online training courses available for purchase on their website. Their online courses are specifically designed to be bite-sized and can be completed online anytime, anywhere.

WEA Adult Learning

WEA Adult Learning has an exciting selection of online courses available for enrolment now! It’s the perfect time to learn something new, whether for personal enrichment to keep your brain active, or to upskill yourself to broaden your career options. From languages and vocational skills, health and wellbeing, creative writing, history and culture to finance and investment, there really is something for everyone and new classes are being added daily. Delivered via Zoom, the popular video-conferencing software, online WEA classes offer perfect bite-sized learning experiences in the comfort of your own home. To find out more, visit the WEA website and type "zoom" in the search by keyword box at the top of the page.

Supporting Career Goals for Carers

Are you one of the 2.7 million people across Australia providing unpaid care to a vulnerable family member or friend? A new pilot program called ‘Your Caring Way’, could provide you with accredited and non-accredited training and prepare you for paid employment, work experience or volunteering with suitable carer-friendly employers.

Carers SA is also trailing free facilitated coaching for you to reflect on your experiences and needs, identify personal goals and move towards those goals.

Subsidised Short Course in Aged Care

The University of South Australia is offering a fast tracked, subsidised short course in aged care as part of a Federal Government recovery package to help upskill Australians in areas critical to a post-pandemic economy. Applications close 20 May 2020.

Libraries SA

Reading keeps us learning and continues to develop our brain. Our lives can also be enriched by literature. SA library customers can use any public library across SA with a single card, providing convenient access for the whole community to the entire public library collection so you’ll never run out of a good book. Visit the Libraries SA website to to search for your next favourite and contact your local library to see if they are open for face-to-face borrowing or you can borrow an ebook or audiobook any time online. 

You could also explore ways of growing your skills. Having a library membership gives you access to 4000 free and easy to follow video training courses for software, animation, music, business, marketing, design, IT, photography, using the web & more. See the range at and access from Libraries SA website.

Keeping children safe at home

Kidsafe SA has an online education program delivered to support parents and carers on providing a safe environment for children and reducing the risk of injury in the home environment. The home is the most common location for a young child to be injured.

Topics included in these home safety sessions include the prevention of accidental poisoning, burns and scalds, drowning, falls and driveway runovers.

Check out Kidsafe SA and look under the events tab, for more information about Kidsafe’s free online programs.

Keeping children safe on the road

Kidsafe SA has an online education program to support parents and carers on transporting children safety including child car restraint use and fitment, legal requirements for transporting children, types of restraints and accessories, older and second hand restraints.

Check out Kidsafe SA and look under the events tab, for more information about Kidsafe’s free online programs.

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR)

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing supports people and organisations delivering sport and active recreation to have the capability and capacity to deliver quality outcomes for participation and performance.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ORSR is hosting regular webinars for the sector, please visit or email for further information.

Other tailored online resources to support staff and volunteers include:

On behalf of ORSR, Sport SA also facilitate the following online courses:

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