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Learn and experience new things

2020 04 30 LSP 520

Learning and experiencing new things during a challenging time can be key to looking after our physical, social and mental wellbeing.

Although there are some temporary restrictions on how we manage our day-to-day activities, the silver lining is that some people have more time to learn something new or experience new things. This provides an opportunity to invest that time productively in their home or local environment and allows families who live in the same household to spend more time together.

This might be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to collate or create new photo albums, design a piece of outdoor art, pot around in the garden, create a recipe book of family favourites or take up a new or old hobby.

Spend more time in nature by enjoying our many national parks or walking trails.

Use this time to learn some new skills if you need or want a new direction for your studies or career.

Many organisations in South Australia have adapted to support us to keep busy while still observing social distancing – take a look at these suggestions.