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Do you have time, and are wondering how you might stay connected through volunteering?

Volunteering SA&NT has been asked by the SA Government to work with community services organisations during the COVID-19 situation to ascertain their needs for additional volunteers.

In the short term, volunteers may be required to help with transportation, data entry, administration, delivering supplies, conducting wellbeing checks or providing call centre support.

Over the coming weeks and months, more positions will become available as organisations return to pre-COVID-19 conditions and experience an increase in demand for services.

Interested in volunteering?

Visit the Volunteering SA & NT website and click on the COVID-19 registration link on the home page.

Please be sure to list the skills and experience that you can bring.

The Volunteering SA & NT website will continue to have a wealth of up to date information about volunteering in South Australia.

COTA SA’s The Plug-In

For older South Australian’s wanting to stay connected and elevate their voices, COTA SA’s The Plug-In is a social enterprise that offers specialist market insights by linking older people with business, industry and researchers. Recent Pulse surveys of older South Australians have included the current COVID-19 pandemic, bushfires and technology.

The Plug-In is wholly voluntary and offers opportunities to be part of workshops, surveys and focus groups. It also provides access to information and training to help create technology, products and services that will better meet the future needs of older people both during, emerging and post-COVID-19.

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