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The LIFE Project: A wellbeing and resilience program for Peterborough

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The LIFE (Lift, Inspire, Feel, Embrace) Project, delivered by the District Council of Peterborough, is a targeted wellbeing and resilience program that will address key areas of health and wellbeing identified by the community. A multi-layered approach has seen the delivery of the key health messages in a range of formats including face-to-face and online events, and an education and information sharing campaign.

A range of activities have been delivered in the Peterborough community centring around monthly wellbeing themes such as ‘nature and the environment’, ‘mental health and self-love’, nutrition, and fitness and physical activity. Popular activities have included workshops on the wellbeing benefits of pets, edible gardens, cooking, and body image, as well as ‘come and try’ sporting events. A workshop series ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ demonstrated techniques for de-stressing, meditation, changing to a positive mindset and goal setting.

Activities have been supported by an online wellbeing theme-based photo competition, monthly newsletter and social media information sharing. The Peterborough community has embraced the project with good attendance at workshops and high levels of online engagement.

Delivery of the digital Resilience Project for students from year 8 through to year 12 at Peterborough High School is supporting the wellbeing and resilience of young people. The program includes both student and staff upskilling and will be delivered throughout 2021. Sixteen students have also had the opportunity to travel to Adelaide and participate in the Youth Leadership Academy Australia conference at the beginning of March.

For more information about the activities being delivered visit the LIFE Project website or Facebook page.

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