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Stay in the Game

Stay in the Game 1

This project, delivered by ACH Group, encourages older South Australians to connect with others in the community, be more physically active, and engage socially through online videogaming and simultaneous voice chat.

The initial research and development phase of the project has involved surveys of people aged over 65 to help understand the videogaming patterns of this age group, ‘test drive’ videogaming sessions with older people to provide insights into gaming preferences, and engagement of an Exercise Physiologist to identify features of popular video games that support physical activity and social connection. This first stage of the project has been enthusiastically embraced by older people who have participated so far.

A six-week Challenge took place between 19 April and 28 May. Throughout the Challenge older people were able to use the site to find and play recommended games, set and track their own weekly gaming goals and be in the running for prizes. Support was also available for older people needing assistance or advice to participate through ACH Group’s Smart Technology service.

For more information visit the Stay in the Game website.

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